Public Management

Public Management/Associate ProfessorPublic Management/Professor
Research Interest: Chinese civil service system;Public management and policy;The development of contemporary Chinese political system;Relationship between government and social organization

Research Interest:Public policy;Public service and public participation;Comparative Public Administration;Urban governance

Public Management/ProfessorPublic Management/Associate Professor
Research Interest:Comparative Public Administration;Governance, Privitization, public service delivery      

Research Interest:Public management innovation and technology management;Crisis management and emergency operation;The integration of modern urban management and information technology

Public Management/Assistant ProfessorPublic Management/Assistant Professor
Research Interest:Public Finance;Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations;Property Taxation and Local Governance

Research Interest:Public Economics;Public Polic

Public Management/Associate ProfessorPublic Management/Professor
Open data and open government;Cross-boundary information sharing and integration;Government use of social media;Transnational knowledge and information sharing;E-government Readiness Assessment

Research Interest:Public Management Theories;Comparative Public Administration;Orgnizations and Human Resources Management

Public Management/Professor
Research Interest:Political economy of sustainable development; Development Studies (links between global and local development agendas); Climate Change and Biodiversity; Links between Public Administration and Management Theories and Practice; Environmental Policy and Management; Planning; Urban Studies; Business and Society