This  program generally takes two academic years, with the first year at Sciences Po  and the second year at SIRPA, Fudan University. 

Courses are multidisciplinary  and students will have International Relations, History, Economics, Law, and  Political Science with focus on Europe and Asia in Global Affairs. Students will  also be asked to follow two language classes at Sciences Po.

Final  graduation will rely on the validation by the student of both years of the  program. Therefore, students get a temporary graduation in July at Sciences Po  and graduate definitely after being confirmed to have met all graduation requirements at Fudan University the following year.

 Graduation  requirements

1.  Accomplishment of all required courses and required total credits (31) 

2.  Pass  the thesis defence

3.  Finish all above requirements in up to 5 years

Students  should pay the tuition fees to the university in which they actually study, i.e. their host institution (SCIENCES PO for Year 1 and Fudan University for year  2).